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CFMOTO may not be a household name for many riders yet, but this Chinese manufacturer has exploded in popularity recently. Sales of CFMOTO ATVs and UTVs have skyrocketed over 370% in the last 5 years alone as they win over American buyers with their compelling value proposition.

Founded in 1989, CFMOTO has come a long way from producing single cylinder engines to become the 7th largest powersports company in the world. They now offer a full lineup of motorcycles, scooters, side-by-sides, and ATVs built to take on the established players in the North American market.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at CFMOTO’s ATV lineup to see how they stack up against the competition. We’ll evaluate their improvements in quality and reliability, while also assessing performance attributes like power, handling, capabilities and features. Most importantly, we’ll analyze whether CFMOTO ATVs represent a good value compared to premium counterparts from Polaris, Can-Am, Honda and others.

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Build Quality Improvements

CFMOTO has come a long way in a relatively short time. The company’s early ATV models were known to have some quality control issues, which led to concerns about durability and reliability. However, CFMOTO has made major strides in improving build quality over the past several years. The fit and finish of current CFMOTO ATVs is now on par with big name competitors like Polaris, Can-Am, and Honda. Body panels and welds are clean and sturdy. Gaps between panels are tight and consistent. The plastics feel thick and resilient, not flimsy. This gives the ATVs a refined, premium feel rather than looking or feeling cheaply made.

CFMOTO also uses high quality components from leading third-party suppliers. For example, its ATVs feature CV Tech clutches which are made in Canada and known for performance and durability. It uses Bosch fuel injection systems for smooth and reliable power delivery. And it outfits its machines with NGK spark plugs, which many riders consider the best plugs on the market. The use of proven, top-tier components demonstrates CFMOTO’s commitment to quality and reliability.



When it comes to reliability, CFMOTO ATVs are now on par with the major competitors after early quality control issues. The latest models show major improvements in fit, finish and durability according to most owners.

CFMOTO ATV engines and drivetrains have proven to be smooth, quiet and trouble-free for most riders. Key components like the CV Tech clutch, Bosch fuel injection and NGK spark plugs are comparable to what you’d find on a premium Polaris, Can-Am or Honda model.

This excellent reliability is backed up by CFMOTO’s industry-leading warranties. Their standard coverage includes 2 years bumper-to-bumper plus 3 years powertrain which protects the major engine and transmission components. By comparison, Polaris only provides a 6 month limited warranty, Can-Am provides a 6 month limited warranty, and Honda provides a 6 month limited warranty on ATVs. So CFMOTO is clearly ahead of the competition when it comes to standing behind their products after the sale.

Between the proven reliability and the generous warranty coverage, most owners report being very satisfied with the dependability of the latest CFMOTO models. They deliver years of trouble-free riding and peace of mind.


Power and Performance

CFMOTO ATVs offer smooth, quiet, and responsive engines that provide competitive power levels for both recreational riding and utility use. The engines range from 400cc to 1000cc and utilize modern technologies like electronic fuel injection and computerized engine management systems.

One of the most popular models, the CFORCE 600, is powered by a 580cc single-cylinder engine that puts out around 40 horsepower. This mid-size engine provides strong acceleration and high-speed cruising capability, while maintaining excellent reliability.

The larger displacement CFORCE 800, 900, and 1000 models feature V-twin engines with power output reaching up to 80 horsepower on the 1000. These muscular engines deliver exciting performance for aggressive trail riding, while the dual-cylinder design maintains smooth and quiet operation.

Across the lineup, CFMOTO engines are praised for their linear, predictable power delivery thanks to well-tuned electronic fuel injection systems. The throttles are responsive without being twitchy, providing confidence-inspiring acceleration whether navigating trails or hauling heavy loads.

Low levels of vibration allow the rider to enjoy longer rides without fatigue. CFMOTO also utilizes high-quality components like CVTech clutches, Delphi electronics, and Bosch or Denso fuel injection systems for excellent performance and reliability.


Handling and Suspension

When riding rough terrain, the quality of a quad’s suspension system is crucial. CFMOTO ATVs excel in this area with 4-wheel independent suspension that helps smooth out bumps and ruts. Long-travel shocks provide up to 10 inches of wheel movement to soak up the roughness, keeping you in control.

The front suspension uses dual A-arm configuration for precise steering and handling over obstacles. Dual rear shocks allow the wheels to move independently, maintaining traction and stability. This multi-link IRS system is similar to what you’d find on a high-end sport ATV from the major brands.

Reviewers praise the confidence-inspiring handling capabilities of CFMOTO models. The suspension provides a compliant yet sporty ride quality. You can attack corners aggressively and the chassis remains composed. The smooth power delivery working in unison with the fully independent suspension makes even novice riders feel like pros on the trails.


Utility and Cargo Capacity

CFMOTO ATVs offer excellent utility and cargo capacities that make them a top choice for farmers, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts who need to haul gear or tow equipment. The largest CFMOTO models like the CForce 1000 offer best-in-class towing of over 1,500 lbs, beating out competitors from Polaris, Can-Am and Honda. Even mid-size CFMOTOs like the CForce 520 have towing capacities of over 1,000 lbs, perfect for pulling small trailers, equipment or game.

The cavernous rear racks on CFMOTO ATVs can hold hundreds of pounds of cargo. With accessories like rack extenders and cargo boxes, you’ll have no problem packing in tools, camping gear, hunting equipment and more. The independent rear suspension helps provide a smooth ride even when fully loaded. Large front racks and composite cargo boxes give you even more storage options.

From working the land to recreating outdoors, CFMOTO ATVs have the utility and cargo capabilities to take on any job or adventure. The towing capacities and cargo space match up with the top names in the industry, while saving thousands of dollars. For outstanding utility at an unbeatable value, CFMOTO can haul it all.


Off-Road Capabilities

CFMOTO ATVs are built to handle demanding trails and terrain. They come equipped with features to match or exceed competitors for conquering the toughest obstacles.

The full-size CFORCE 600, 800, and 1000 models boast True 4WD drivetrains. This allows you to engage all four wheels for maximum traction in mud, snow, steep inclines, and other low-grip situations. The 4WD system provides smooth engagement and even power distribution to conquer challenges.

For navigating tricky terrain, drivers can also lock the front and rear differentials on CFMOTO ATVs. This forces both wheels on an axle to turn in sync, rather than allowing wheel spin. It’s ideal for rock crawling or scaling steep hills where traction is paramount.

Other handy off-road tools include electric winches up to 3,000 pounds capacity. CFMOTO packages match category leaders like Polaris, Honda, and Can-Am by offering standard winches on some models. This gives you the power to pull yourself out of trouble or move heavy objects with ease.

With their robust 4WD systems, locking differentials, winches, and other capabilities, CFMOTO ATVs allow you to take on the toughest trails and obstacles with confidence.


Features and Technology

CFMOTO ATVs come packed with premium features and technology that rival machines from top competitors like Polaris, Honda, and Can-Am. While other brands nickel-and-dime buyers on extras, many desirable amenities come standard on CFMOTO models.

For example, all CFMOTO ATVs now include stylish and bright LED headlights, brake lights, and accent lighting. This provides excellent visibility and a modern look compared to old-fashioned halogen bulbs still found on some machines. CFMOTO was one of the first brands to make the switch to LEDs across its lineup.

Digital displays are another area where CFMOTO excels. Even its most affordable entry-level ATVs have digital meters for speed, RPM, gear position, and other key data. Higher-end CFMOTO models feature full color LCD or TFT displays with Bluetooth connectivity to sync with your smartphone. This puts vital information like speed, engine temp, fuel level, and riding mode right in front of you.

While extras like power steering, winches, and aluminum wheels cost extra on most ATVs, CFMOTO bundles them in as standard equipment on many models. This means you get premium capability and convenience without the premium price tag.

By packing its ATVs with features that riders want, CFMOTO makes it easy to get more value for your money. You don’t have to pay more to get amenities that make riding more enjoyable and adventures more accessible.


Cost Savings

One of the biggest advantages of CFMOTO ATVs is the significant cost savings compared to other major brands like Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, and Honda. CFMOTO models typically have MSRPs thousands of dollars lower than comparable machines from the established brands. This translates into huge savings for buyers without sacrificing performance, reliability, features or capability.

For example, the 2022 CFMOTO CForce 600 lists for $7,499  while a comparable 2022 Polaris Sportsman 570 has an MSRP of $9,299 – a difference of $1,800. The gap is even larger when looking at larger and more fully-featured models. The CFMOTO CForce 1000 lists for $11,999 compared to $16,499 for a Can-Am Outlander 1000R – a whopping $4,500 price difference!

Prospective buyers should not think the lower prices mean CFMOTO has cut corners on quality or performance. As discussed earlier, these ATVs compete head-to-head with the top brands in reliability, power, handling and features. The cost savings come from CFMOTO’s lean manufacturing model and operating primarily in the value segment. Buyers get premium components like fuel injection, independent suspension, disc brakes, and LED lighting as standard equipment.

The bottom line is CFMOTO delivers outstanding bang for the buck. For price-conscious shoppers or anyone wanting to maximize their ATV budget, CFMOTO offers huge savings over the competition without sacrificing capability, quality or ride experience. Riders report being amazed at the performance and features they get for the money. Many say they can buy a loaded CFMOTO model for the same price as a base model from another brand.


Value Overview

CFMOTO ATVs represent an outstanding value compared to premium brands like Polaris, Can-Am, Yamaha, and Honda. While the big names can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000 for a mid-size utility quad, CFMOTO’s prices are thousands less. The latest CFORCE 520 model has an MSRP of just $5,499, while the full-size 800 and 1000 models are under $10,000.

That significant cost savings doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice capability, ride comfort, reliability, or performance. Across the board, CFMOTO matches up very well with the established competition. The use of high-quality components like CV Tech clutches, Bosch EFI, and automotive-style independent suspension allows CFMOTO to deliver an incredibly well-rounded ATV package at a budget-friendly price.

Whether you need a nimble recreational sport quad, a hard-working utility ATV for the farm, or a 4×4 explorer that can traverse rough terrain, CFMOTO offers strong competition to brands like Polaris and Can-Am but will cost you much less. For price-conscious ATV buyers who want great performance without breaking the bank, CFMOTO represents an unbeatable value.


Rider Testimonials

Real owner experiences provide great insight into how CFMOTO ATVs perform in the real world. Satisfied customers report that the quality, reliability, and capabilities of the latest CFMOTOs match up very well against the major competitors.

“I absolutely love my CFMOTO CForce 800! I’ve put it through its paces on my ranch and it has been rock solid reliable. The independent suspension soaks up ruts and bumps better than my neighbor’s Polaris. Plus I saved thousands over the Polaris just as capable if not better.”

Owners switching from other brands consistently mention how impressed they are by the overall quality and attention to detail on CFMOTO models. The fit and finish is very good with clean welds, tight tolerances, and sturdy bodywork that takes abuse in stride.

“As an experienced ATV owner, I was skeptical of CFMOTO at first. But the build quality really surprised me – way better than I expected and better than some top brands I’ve owned. After 2 years my CForce is still going strong with no issues.”

The smooth power delivery, comfortable ride quality, and confidence-inspiring handling also earn high marks from CFMOTO owners. The precise steering and stable chassis let both new and experienced riders feel in control when navigating rough terrain.

“The power and handling on my CFMOTO really impressed me. It has great low end torque but still plenty of top end. And the suspension absorbs bumps amazingly well, it’s very confidence inspiring in tricky sections. Couldn’t be happier!”


Expert Reviews

CFMOTO ATVs have been receiving positive reviews from experts in recent years as the brand has focused on improving quality and performance. Here’s an overview of what professional testers and publications are saying:

ATV Illustrated praised the 2021 CFMOTO lineup for major steps forward, saying “CFMoto has upped its game” in their first ride review. They were impressed by the smooth power delivery, comfortable ride quality, and capable handling both on trails and when working. The revamped suspension soaks up bumps with ease. Overall, they described the latest models as “well-rounded machines” that can compete with premium rivals.

ATV.com conducted a long-term review of the CFORCE 600 and came away very satisfied after 9 months of use. They highlighted the “confidence inspiring” handling, dampened suspension, and smooth powerband. After hundreds of miles of trail riding and farm work, they reported excellent durability and reliability with no issues. Fit and finish was on par with top brands.

ATV Rider tested the 2022 CFORCE 1000 and said it “raises the bar” with impressive power, nimble handling, and high-end components like LED lights, digital displays, and aluminum wheels. They consider it a premium machine at an entry-level price point, with capability matching up with brands like Polaris and Can-Am.

Overall, expert reviewers have been pleasantly surprised by recent CFMOTO models. The consensus is build quality, performance, and reliability now compete directly with established brands while offering huge cost savings to buyers.


Common Concerns

Despite recent improvements, some riders still have lingering doubts about buying a Chinese ATV brand like CFMOTO. However, most of these concerns stem from outdated perceptions and can be put to rest.

One common concern is about parts availability. In the past, it could be difficult to get replacement parts for Chinese machines. However, CFMOTO has an extensive dealer network across North America and most dealers stock a full selection of parts and accessories. The most common wear items are readily available. For specialty parts, the CFMOTO parts system is very robust – most items can ship direct from the warehouse within 1-2 days.

Another concern is about long-term durability compared to more established brands. But again, this is based on older information. Recent CFMOTO models have proven to be extremely reliable when properly maintained. The fit and finish is now on par with premium ATVs. Key components like the engine, transmission, and drivetrain are built to last thousands of hours under tough conditions. CFMOTO ATVs are put through extensive testing and validation to match the durability of top brands.

Finally, some doubt the customer service and dealer support they’ll receive from a smaller company. But owners consistently praise the support they get from CFMOTO’s network of over 300 North American dealers. CFMOTO dealers pride themselves on providing top-notch service. And the industry-leading warranties provide peace of mind – like a 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and 10-year drivetrain coverage.


Cost Analysis

When comparing the costs of CFMOTO ATVs to other major brands like Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, etc., it’s important to look beyond just the initial purchase price and factor in long-term ownership costs.

Over a 5-year ownership period, a CFMOTO ATV can potentially save thousands compared to a similar model from the premium competition. Here’s a breakdown of the major cost factors to consider:


Initial Purchase Price

CFMOTO ATVs retail for 20-40% less than comparative models from Polaris, Can-Am, Yamaha, etc. For example, the CFMOTO CFORCE 600 lists for around $7,499 while a comparable Polaris Sportsman 570 goes for $9,299 – a difference of over $1,700 right off the bat.


Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance costs on CFMOTO ATVs are in line with the major competitors. Oil changes, filter replacements, brake pads, etc. don’t cost noticeably more or less. The savings come from CFMOTO’s industry-leading warranties, which we’ll cover next.


Repair Costs

CFMOTO offers a 3-year limited warranty and 5-year drivetrain warranty, compared to just 6 months from most others. This means CFMOTO covers repairs for defects and failures for a much longer period, saving owners money.


Resale Value

While CFMOTO ATVs may not hold their value quite as well as top name brands, they still retain reasonable resale value provided they are well maintained. With the huge upfront savings, owners are still well ahead overall.

When you add up purchase price, scheduled maintenance, repairs, and resale value over a 5-year ownership cycle, a CFMOTO ATV can potentially save $2,000, $3,000 or even more compared to other premium quads.


Buying Advice for CFMOTO ATVs

With CFMOTO’s wide range of ATV models, it can be tricky to choose the right one for your needs and budget. Here are some tips for selecting and purchasing your CFMOTO ATV:


Determine Your Use

Think about how you’ll primarily use the ATV – recreation, utility work, farming, etc. This will help narrow down the engine size, features and capabilities you need. CFMOTO offers models ranging from 400cc beginner quads to 1000cc powerhouses.


Set Your Budget

Even fully loaded, CFMOTO ATVs are thousands less than the competition. Determine how much you can spend to get the features you want while maximizing value.


Compare Models

Check out the differences between CFMOTO model lines like the ZForce, CForce and UForce. The ZForces are recreational sport quads while the CForces excel at utility. UForces are utilitarian side-by-sides.


Find a Trusted Dealer

Purchase from an authorized CFMOTO dealer for full warranty coverage. Dealers also provide test rides, financing, accessories, service and support.


Consider Buying Online

For huge savings, you can buy direct online through CFMOTO’s website. Products ship to your door and include a 12-month warranty.

With CFMOTO’s combination of performance, reliability and affordability, you’re sure to find the perfect ATV without breaking the bank!



In summary, CFMOTO ATVs represent an excellent value for recreational and utility riders looking for quality, performance, and savings. They have come a long way in build quality and reliability in recent years, now on par with premium name brands. Performance is smooth and responsive thanks to proven engine and suspension components. Capabilities for towing, cargo hauling, and off-road adventures match up with top models in the industry.

While significantly less expensive than Polaris, Can-Am and Honda models, CFMOTO ATVs don’t compromise on features. They pack in extras like LED lights, digital displays, and power steering as standard. The huge cost savings compared to bigger brands allow buyers to spend more on accessories and additional machines.

For anyone seeking a highly capable and reliable ATV that won’t break the bank, CFMOTO models make an excellent choice. Test rides consistently impress with their comfort, handling, amenities and competitive power. Backed by industry-leading warranties and low cost of ownership, CFMOTO ATVs deliver outstanding value for dollar spent.

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CFMOTO ATVs are becoming increasingly popular in Canada due to their durability, reliability, and affordable pricing. CFMOTO is a Chinese manufacturer that has significantly improved the quality and performance of their ATVs in recent years to compete with leading brands.


The engines, transmission, fit and finish are now on par or better than many competitors. They perform very well in Canadian conditions, with good power, traction, stability and comfort. The warranty and dealer support has also become much better. Owners report few issues and good experiences overall. They offer a lot of value for the price compared to other brands.

The main CFMOTO ATV models currently available from Canadian dealerships include:


CForce 400: Entry-level recreational ATV with 393cc engine.

CForce 520: Mid-size utility ATV with 518cc engine and solid towing capacity.

CForce 600: Larger displacement recreational sport ATV with 580cc engine.

CForce 800 XC: Full-size utility ATV designed for farms, trails and heavy work with 793cc engine.


Several limited edition and special package models are also sometimes available, along with the full CFMOTO side-by-side UTV line-up. Most major ATV dealers across Canada now carry CFMOTO.

CFMOTO engines and drivetrains have proven to be very reliable so far. The company utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality components from reputable suppliers like Bosch, Delphi, KYB and more.


Owners have reported very few mechanical issues even under heavy recreational, utility and farm use. The automatic CVT transmissions are smooth and efficient. Oil change intervals are reasonable for ATVs at around 200 hours. Overall durability and longevity is on par with leading Japanese competitors according to most reports.

The suspension on CFMOTO ATVs provides a very compliant, plush and controlled ride over most Canadian trails and terrain. They utilize quality components like KYB piggyback shocks, large diameter front struts, and aggressive tread tires for excellent bump absorption and traction.


The long-travel suspension soaks up rough forest trails, ruts, rocks and other obstacles very effectively while still offering responsive handling when needed. Comfort levels are impressive even during long, hard recreational rides. Overall capability matches or exceeds other brands for the prices.

Yes, CFMOTO ATVs make excellent and very affordable snow plow machines for Canadian winters. Even the mid-size models like the CForce 520 have enough engine power, traction and stability to plow residential driveways efficiently with a plow blade attached.


The full-size CForce 800 XC is built specifically for demanding cold weather utility work like snow plowing and comes equipped standard with features like heated grips and thumb throttles. Owners report the CFMOTO engines provide ample torque for plowing through deep snow without issue. They hold up well over time.

CFMOTO ATVs provide very good stability and safety on Canadian trails thanks to their long wheelbases, double A-arm front suspensions, low centers of gravity and well-tuned chassis dynamics.


At speed, they feel planted and secure with minimal body roll around corners or side hills. Slow technical sections are handled competently as well. The ergonomics allow riders to shift their weight effectively for obstacles. Braking power with hydraulic discs is also strong when needed. Overall, they inspire confidence for most average recreational riders.

Yes, CFMOTO ATVs are excellent for farm work, acreages, rural properties and commercial applications in Canada. The full CForce 800 XC model was designed specifically for agricultural jobs like hauling cargo, spraying, checking fences/crops, etc.


It has high payload capacities, large steel racks/hitches, aggressive tires and sealed electrical systems to withstand dusty, muddy and wet conditions. Owners report using them extensively for chores without issue. CFMOTO also sells many attachments like winches, plows and more tailored for rural owners.

CFMOTO ATV towing capacities in Canada range from around 500 lbs on the entry-level CForce 400 model up to over 1,300 lbs for the CForce 800 XC. This allows Canadian owners to tow a wide variety of equipment like small trailers, spraying tanks, debris, boats, sleds and more for recreation or work.


The stout frames, strong drivelines and torque-rich engines provide ample pulling power. Owners recommend using the brand’s own hitch accessories for best durability and integration. For the prices, CFMOTO offers very competitive tow ratings similar to other brands.

CFMOTO ATVs work extremely well for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation applications across Canada. Features like standard front/rear racks, strong tow capacities, locking rear differentials for traction and quiet exhausts make them ideal for carrying gear into remote areas or hauling out game.


Comfortable, long-travel suspension soaks up rough access roads while providing confidence-inspiring stability at faster trail speeds. The engines offer plenty of low-end pull when needed but run quietly. Overall, they compete very well with leading recreational models from other brands at much lower price points.

CFMOTO has worked hard to improve the durability of their ATV bodies and plastics over the years. Now they utilize flexible yet impact-resistant polymer compounds so the fenders, racks, panels and covers can withstand tree strikes, falls, abrasions and UV exposure far better than earlier models.


Owners praise how well they hold up to scrapes, scuffs and minor punctures don’t affect structural integrity. The racks support very heavy loads without damage as well. While not indestructible, overall resilience matches or exceeds most competitor ATVs so owners don’t have to be overly cautious on trails.

While not specialized mud machines, CFMOTO ATVs perform competently for moderate mud riding and water crossings common in Canada. Key features like snorkels for air intakes, good sealing/venting, aggressive tread tires and locking differentials provide decent capability when needed.


The long-travel suspension allows riding through fairly deep mud and water. Just avoid submerging above the seat level or for long periods to prevent engine/transmission issues over time. With good judgment CFMOTO ATVs can readily handle most recreational mud and water scenarios owners will encounter locally.

One of the biggest appeals of CFMOTO ATVs for Canadian buyers is the pricing. Thanks to the company’s streamlined manufacturing and importing structure, CFMOTO models retail for significantly less than comparative models from established Japanese, European and North American competitors.


In some cases the pricing difference is 30-50% less for a CFMOTO ATV with similar specs and capabilities. This provides great value for recreational, farm and utility applications. Just ensure to compare warranty coverage between brands, which varies. Overall though the pricing is very attractive.

CFMOTO Canada offers a 6-month limited warranty on all new ATVs covering repair of defects in materials or workmanship. Some exclusions apply for wear items. An optional 12-month extended warranty can also be purchased to expand coverage further.


Dealers can provide full details on covered components and claim procedures. Most customer reviews mention warranty support has been good so far when needed from dealers. While not the longest coverage, 6-months is on par with mainstream competitors for ATVs. So buyers do get good initial peace of mind.

As a less mainstream brand historically, CFMOTO ATVs have not held used resale values exceptionally well in Canada compared to leading Japanese models. However as awareness, capabilities and reliability reputation continues improving, used pricing is also gradually increasing.


Well-maintained CFMOTO models still return 50% or more of new MSRP after 2-3 years based on dealer listings. And used interest remains strong thanks to the value pricing. As the brand becomes more established long-term, resale values are expected to match other major manufacturers over time.

Yes, CFMOTO has significantly expanded the availability of replacement parts with Canadian dealers and aftermarket suppliers to support owners well. Common wear & maintenance items like filters, tires, batteries and brake pads are affordably and readily available from dealers nationwide.


Larger components may require some ordering lead time but dealers can source all necessary parts through CFMOTO Canada warehouses. There are also growing aftermarket upgrade options from reputable brands. Overall parts access is on par with other mainstream ATV makes serviced locally.

Yes, CFMOTO ATVs are designed to be very simple and affordable for owners to service themselves or through Canadian dealers. Basic maintenance like fluid changes, filter replacements, spark plug access and adjustments are straightforward thanks to conveniently located access points and hardware.


Dealers report service costs are very reasonable as well compared to other ATV brands, due to competitively priced common parts availability. For DIY-capable owners, basic routine upkeep is achievable with just basic tools and a service manual. Reduced maintenance costs improve overall value.

Published fuel economy estimates for CFMOTO ATVs are scarce currently, but user reports indicate averages around 6-8L/100km (15-20 mpg) depending on the model and usage. The smaller 393cc CForce 400 model can achieve 30+ mpg in ideal conditions.


The larger 800cc work-oriented CForce models will use more fuel with heavier loads or towing. Overall though the modern CFMOTO engines and EFI systems provide good real-world efficiency that is comparable to competitors. Combined with lower purchase prices, total operating costs are very appealing.

While not high-strung sport quads, CFMOTO ATVs offer very solid recreational off-road performance for most average Canadian riders thanks to quality chassis, good weight distribution and ample suspension travel. Models like the CForce 600 can readily handle aggressive forest trail riding.


The torque-rich engines provide strong acceleration and pulling power when needed while still running quietly and smoothly at legal road speeds. Handling is responsive and secure. More aggressive tires can expand capability further. Overall they compete very well for casual trail enjoyment at the prices.

CFMOTO ATVs equipped with DOT tires have good on-road manners and capabilities for paved roads or highways where legally permitted. They can readily cruise at 60-70 km/h smoothly thanks to the civilized CVT transmissions and vibration-isolated frames.


The steering geometry provides good straight line stability and the brakes work well at speed while still allowing low-speed maneuverability. Just be aware that highway usage will increase maintenance requirements more quickly. For occasional road connectivity between trails or farms though, they work very well.

So far CFMOTO ATV owners have reported very strong reliability and durability from these modern overhead valve and electronic fuel injected engines even under heavy use cases. The sophisticated manufacturing quality control and tight tolerances are evident.


Some recreational and farm users have accumulated over 5,000 hard miles on original engines without issues. Oil consumption has remained minimal over time as well. As long as routine maintenance is followed, expect many years and miles of productive life from CFMOTO powerplants. Their reliability continues improving gradually.

CFMOTO Canada customer support has received positive reviews as dealer networks have matured. Many dealerships now have dedicated service departments to assist with sales, warranty, maintenance and repairs. Customer service response times and resolution rates are good overall.


The company has also improved spare parts availability in Canada to support owners well. There are still some rural areas with sparse support however. So research your local dealer closely before purchasing. But in most regions, customer service is on par with other OEMs.

Buying a pre-owned or used CFMOTO ATV can represent even better value for Canadian buyers if the machine has been properly maintained and has lower miles. As with any brand, inspect thoroughly and evaluate service records before purchasing used.


Well-kept CFMOTOs have proven very durable over the long term. And even models 5+ years old can save huge percentages over new costs. Just budget for any potential repairs and be prepared to change fluids/filters right after buying. Also ensure used warranty coverage if applicable. Overall though, buying used CFMOTO saves money.

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