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Are HiSun ATVs Good?

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All-terrain vehicles from Chinese manufacturer HiSun have rapidly gained popularity among Canadian riders looking for an affordable and capable machine. With impressive power, abundant features, and a budget-friendly price, HiSun quads seem too good to be true.

But how do these China-made ATVs really stack up? Are HiSun models a smart choice that can handle tough trails without issue? Or will cut-rate components leave you stranded in the bush?

This in-depth guide takes a close look at HiSun ATVs to determine if they are a good value or if riders are better off choosing one of the major established brands. We’ll examine reliability, performance, ownership costs, and other key factors to help you make an informed decision.

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HiSun ATV Model Lineup

HiSun offers a wide range of ATV models to suit different riders’ needs and budgets. Here are some of their most popular model lines:


Tactic ATVs

The Tactic lineup includes sport and utility ATVs from 400cc to 700cc. Some models like the Tactic 550 EPS are great for recreational trail riding, while larger Tactics can handle demanding chores like farm work. These quads boast fuel injection, selectable 2WD/4WD, long-travel suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and many premium features.


Strike ATVs

Strike ATVs are performance-oriented sport quads designed for aggressive riding. Displacement ranges from 550cc up to 800cc. The Strike models have race-inspired styling, abundant power, fully adjustable suspension, and features like EPS power steering on some trims. They excel at conquering challenging terrain.


HS Series ATVs

The HS lineup includes some of HiSun’s most affordable utility and farm ATVs. Engine sizes span 400cc, 500cc, and 700cc. Standard features include selectable 2WD/4WD, towing capacity over 1,000 pounds, front and rear racks, and rugged construction. The HS models are great economical workhorses.


HiSun ATV Prices

When it comes to price, HiSun ATVs are very competitively positioned against the major mainstream brands like Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, and Can-Am. While the big names can retail for $8,000 to $12,000 for a mid-sized model, HiSun ATVs are typically priced $2,000 to $4,000 less.

For example, the HiSun HS500 4×4 ATV sells for around $5,999 MSRP. A comparable 500cc model from Honda or Polaris would likely cost a minimum of $8,500. The savings are even greater when looking at larger and more fully-featured ATVs.

The top-of-the-line HiSun HS800 EPS is priced at $7,999, while an equivalent 800cc Polaris Sportsman XP would be over $11,000. So buyers can save $3,000 to $5,000 upfront by going with the HiSun brand over the established market leaders.

Of course, lower pricing may translate to lower resale value down the road. But for budget-conscious buyers who plan to keep their ATV long term, the thousands in initial savings from HiSun makes them an appealing option over the pricier Honda or Polaris models.


HiSun ATV Reliability

When it comes to any major purchase like an ATV, reliability is one of the most important considerations. Buyers want to know that their HiSun ATV will provide years of dependable performance without breaking down or leaving them stranded on the trail. Overall, HiSun ATVs have built a reputation for solid reliability that equals or exceeds many mainstream competitors.

In reviews by owners, HiSun quads often receive praise for their durability and lack of issues. The sturdy steel frames and quality components stand up well to rugged use without bending, cracking, or failing even after years of hard riding. Owners report very few mechanical problems even with high mileage and hours of operation.


Some of the standout features that contribute to the reliability of HiSun ATVs include:

  • Fuel-injected engines require less maintenance and are more resistant to issues caused by elevation changes or temperature swings.
  • Shaft-driven final drives eliminate the need to adjust or replace belts.
  • Dual A-arm suspension can handle big impacts without damage.
  • Strong braking components provide reliable stopping power.


There are a few areas new HiSun owners should keep an eye on to maximize longevity:

  • Perform break-in maintenance like oil changes exactly on schedule.
  • Check for any loose fasteners and tighten as needed after initial rides.
  • Inspect suspension seals for any leaks and replace if found.
  • Clean air filters regularly to prevent engine wear.


Following the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual, using quality fluids and filters, and promptly addressing any minor issues that come up will help ensure a HiSun ATV provides miles of trouble-free enjoyment before requiring major repairs.


HiSun ATV Performance

When it comes to performance, most HiSun ATV models can hold their own against the major established brands in speed, acceleration, and handling ability on the trail. HiSun’s larger displacement sport quads like the 700-800cc models have an abundance of power on tap. They can reach top speeds well over 70 mph on open terrain when uncorked. Low-end torque is excellent, allowing them to accelerate rapidly from a standstill. The automatic CVT transmissions keep the engine in the meat of the powerband during hard launches.

Mid-size HiSun quads with 400-500cc engines still have impressive pep, hitting 60+ mph thanks to their lightweight chassis and ample powerbands. Even the entry-level 250cc HiSun models have enough grunt for enjoyable trail riding for younger or smaller riders. When riding tight and technical trails, HiSun ATVs shine with their nimble handling capabilities. The combination of short wheelbases, quality suspension components, and proper chassis balance gives them precise steering and high maneuverability similar to the major brands.

Overall, HiSun ATV engines deliver competitive power levels and drivetrains translate that into gratifying speed and acceleration. Chassis dynamics and suspension tuning also allow the quads to carve through trails and handle obstacles with confidence. For performance-minded riders, HiSun’s sport ATV lineup offers plenty of capability to stay in the hunt.


HiSun ATV Power and Engines

When it comes to power and performance, HiSun ATVs pack plenty of punch thanks to their modern fuel-injected engines. Most HiSun quads come equipped with 4-stroke single or twin-cylinder motors in displacements ranging from 250cc up to 800cc.

Here’s an overview of the engine offerings across the HiSun ATV lineup:


– Entry-level and youth quads like the HiSun HS240 and HS500Y get peppy 248cc and 493cc single-cylinder engines putting out around 20-25 horsepower. This gives plenty of grunt for recreational trail riding.

– Midsize sport and utility ATVs like the Strike 500 and Tactic 550 get brawny fuel-injected 500cc single-cylinder motors churning out 40+ HP. This gives exhilarating acceleration and ample power for towing and hauling.

– Full-size HiSun performance quads like the Strike 700 and Strike 800 get big 700cc or 783cc fuel-injected twin-cylinder engines pumping out up to 65 HP. This rivals or beats the power of equivalent models from Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, and Can-Am.


Across the board, HiSun employs modern electronic fuel injection on its ATV engines. This eliminates old-tech carburetors for smoother throttle response and easier starting in all weather conditions. EFI also helps the quads achieve excellent fuel efficiency.

In total, the muscular powerplants used by HiSun deliver brawny torque and abundant horsepower for conquering trails, hills, mud, and any terrain a rider may encounter.


HiSun ATV Transmission and Drivetrain

HiSun offers ATVs with two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive options depending on the model and its intended use. For recreational riding and lighter-duty purposes, their two-wheel drive quads provide ample traction and capability at a lower price point. However, most enthusiasts prefer the maximum traction and control provided by HiSun’s 4WD ATVs.

On 4WD models, HiSun uses a solid rear axle design with a locking differential for the best grip on slippery, loose, or uneven terrain. At the flip of a switch, riders can lock the diff when needed for hardcore rock crawling or mud riding. The 4WD system engages all four wheels to pull the ATV through the toughest conditions.

For transmission, most HiSun ATVs utilize a manual clutch with an automatic CVTech centrifugal belt-driven gearbox. This provides smooth shifting between gears and keeps the engine in the optimal RPM range. The transmission is designed for rugged durability even under heavy loads or towing. HiSun tunes the gearing on each model to match the engine powerband and intended riding usage from sport to utility applications.


HiSun ATV Suspension and Handling

When riding off-road, a quad’s suspension and handling abilities make all the difference in control, comfort, and capability. HiSun ATVs come well-equipped in this department with long suspension travel and precise steering.

On models like the Tactic and Strike, owners will find around 9 inches of suspension travel in the front and 10 inches in the rear. This allows the wheels to smoothly absorb bumps, ruts, and jumps. Suspension components like shocks and springs are calibrated for a smooth yet sporty ride. Preload adjustment lets you customize the suspension stiffness.

The dual A-arm suspension utilizes large diameter shocks with piggyback reservoirs for excellent damping performance. You’ll stay in control through even the roughest sections of trail. Independent suspension prevents the wheels from affecting each other when one hits a bump.

Electric power steering gives HiSun ATVs precise steering and handling at all speeds. There’s plenty of assist at low speeds for easy maneuvering, while high speed handling feels planted and secure. The quad goes where you point it with minimal body roll. Combined with the long suspension travel, HiSuns corner smoothly and confidently.


HiSun ATV Braking Performance

Braking is a critical performance area for ATVs, which are often ridden at high speeds over rough terrain. HiSun has put an emphasis on braking capabilities across their lineup.

Most HiSun ATV models come standard with hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. Discs provide strong, consistent stopping power even in wet or muddy conditions. The brakes use large rotors and calipers for excellent heat dissipation during aggressive use.

Many riders opt for ABS on their HiSun ATVs for additional control. ABS prevents the wheels from locking up during hard braking maneuvers. This is a great safety feature, especially for beginners learning proper braking techniques.

The top-of-the-line HiSun Strike 1000 EPS model comes standard with a linked ABS system. This links the front and rear brakes to optimize stopping distance. Riders can brake hard with confidence thanks to this advanced ABS technology.

In summary, HiSun ATVs offer very capable braking performance to match their high horsepower and speeds. Standard discs provide excellent stopping power, while optional ABS gives an extra measure of control.


HiSun ATV Additional Features

In addition to powerful engines and capable chassis, HiSun ATVs come well equipped with features to enhance trail riding. Here are some of the key options and add-ons available:


Electric Power Steering

Many HiSun models offer EPS (electric power steering) as standard or an upgrade. This uses an electric motor to reduce steering effort, especially at low speeds or when stopped. EPS makes the ATV much easier to handle and reduces fatigue.



Winches give you the ability to pull yourself out of stuck situations. HiSun ATVs have mounting points and pre-wiring for winches. Most owners opt for around 3,000-lb units which offer ample pulling power.


Hitches and Trailers

Tow hitches allow an ATV trailer to be attached to haul gear or tools. HiSun’s heavy-duty frames and drivetrains can readily handle towing up to 1500 pounds in most conditions.


Storage and Accessories

From rack extenders to gun scabbards to cooler mounts, you can customize your HiSun ATV for specialized tasks. The large cargo racks have pre-drilled holes for securing accessories.

With these handy features, a HiSun ATV can be set up to take on any off-road challenge while making the journey more comfortable and convenient.


HiSun ATV Ownership Costs

One of the biggest selling points of HiSun ATVs is their lower ownership costs compared to the major established brands like Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, and Can-Am. When you look at the total expenditure involved in buying and operating an ATV over several years, HiSun provides substantial savings for the average owner.

The most obvious area of cost savings comes from the initial purchase price. Mainstream quads often retail for $8,000-$12,000 brand new in Canada. HiSun ATVs typically sell for $3,000-$7,000 less than the competition when comparing models with similar features and capabilities.

Insurance costs are also usually lower for HiSun owners. Since the machines have a lower purchase price, premiums for coverage are reduced. Maintenance expenses are on par with other major brands, with oil changes, tire replacements, and other servicing coming at standard shop rates. The affordable spare parts pricing also helps keep repair bills to a minimum.

While fuel efficiency varies model by model, most HiSun ATVs deliver comparable miles per gallon to competitors. This makes ongoing fuel costs similar across brands. Overall, when considering the much lower upfront investment along with insurance and maintenance, HiSun ATVs provide a great value over the total cost of ownership.


HiSun ATV Quality and Reliability

When considering any major powersports purchase like an ATV, reliability and durability are top concerns. Buyers want reassurance that their new machine will deliver years of trouble-free performance, not leave them stranded on the trail or facing expensive repairs. So how does HiSun measure up in terms of long-term quality and mechanical dependability?

Overall, HiSun ATV owners report very good reliability and minimal issues, especially once the quads are properly broken-in. The components and build quality are impressive considering the lower price point.


Here’s a look at some of the most common reliability feedback:

– Engines are durable even under hard recreational use. Problems like blown head gaskets or dropped valve seats are very rare.

– Drivetrain components including differentials, gear cases, shafts, and bearings hold up well to rugged conditions.

– Frames and welds don’t bend or break even when riding hard over jumps and rough terrain.

– Electrical systems are robust with few wiring faults or sensor failures reported.


Like any machine, HiSun ATVs do have some common issues to keep an eye out for:

– Some owners report leaking fork seals, especially on models with more aggressive suspension travel.

– Fastener loosening can occur initially as the quads vibrate and break-in. Periodic checks and tightening is recommended.

– Wheel bearings may wear prematurely if immersed in water frequently.


Overall though, most HiSun owners are very satisfied with the reliability and feel their quads deliver impressive durability for the price.


HiSun ATV Warranty Coverage

When buying any major powersport vehicle, having a solid manufacturer’s warranty provides important peace of mind. HiSun offers impressive factory coverage that rivals or exceeds warranties from mainstream brands.

All new HiSun ATVs come with a 6 month/800 km limited warranty. This covers any defects in materials or workmanship. Wear items and routine maintenance are excluded. There are some limitations – for example, improper maintenance or accidents can void the warranty. Overall, owners report HiSun dealers stand behind their products during the factory coverage period.

Many HiSun ATV sellers also offer extended protection plans. These can stretch the coverage out to 12, 24 or even 36 months beyond the factory warranty. Extended warranties add to the purchase price, but give owners longer peace of mind and protection from big repair bills. With proper care and maintenance, most HiSun quads will provide years of reliable service.


HiSun ATV Resale Value

One concern that many ATV buyers have is resale value. No one wants to invest thousands of dollars in a vehicle that will plummet in value after just a few years of ownership. Unfortunately, HiSun ATVs do tend to depreciate faster than models from established mainstream brands like Honda, Yamaha or Polaris.


There are a few reasons for this more rapid depreciation:

  • HiSun is still building brand recognition in North America, so used models don’t command the premium pricing of other brands.
  • There is less demand in the used market for Chinese ATVs compared to Japanese/American models.
  • The lower initial purchase price also compresses resale value.


Owners report HiSun ATVs losing around 30-50% of their value in the first 1-3 years. This compares to mainstream models holding value better and only depreciating 10-30% over the same period. If planning to sell in the near future, HiSun models will likely fetch $2,000-$4,000 less than a comparable Honda or Polaris. However, for buyers planning to keep their ATV long term, the rapid depreciation is less of a concern.


Overall, you can expect average resale pricing for HiSun ATVs as follows:

  • 1 year old: 60-70% of original MSRP
  • 2-3 years old: 50-60% of original MSRP
  • 4-5 years old: 40-50% of original MSRP


While resale value lags behind major brands, the significantly lower upfront cost of HiSun ATVs can help offset this when it comes time to sell. And for the money, you still get impressive performance and capability that rivals premium quads.


HiSun ATV Availability of Parts/Service


When purchasing an ATV from a lesser-known Chinese brand like HiSun, an important consideration is the availability of parts and service. Riders want the assurance that they’ll be able to easily access replacement parts and qualified technicians to keep their ATV running properly.

HiSun has made good strides in recent years when it comes to their North American dealer network and parts supply chain. Most major HiSun dealers stock a full inventory of common wear-and-tear parts like filters, brake pads, tires, batteries, etc. They can also quickly order parts from HiSun USA if something more significant breaks. However, the dealer network is still far smaller than major players like Honda or Yamaha, which have hundreds of authorized shops across the country.

The majority of HiSun dealerships are powersports or motorcycle shops that specialize in Chinese-made machines from brands like CFMoto, Taotao, and others. These dealers are experienced working on Chinese ATVs and often stock many universal parts that fit HiSuns as well. However, you likely won’t find a HiSun dealer in more rural areas far from major cities. This could make parts delivery and service less convenient. Additionally, HiSun’s factory warranty requires bringing the ATV to an authorized dealer, which may require a long tow.

Online parts retailers offer some aftermarket and OEM parts support for HiSun quads. But the selection is generally more limited compared to major Japanese or North American ATV brands. Critical components like engines may need to be ordered directly from China. This can mean longer downtimes waiting for parts to arrive if an ATV suffers a catastrophic failure outside of warranty.

Overall, HiSun deserves credit for improving their dealer network and parts support in recent years. But it still lags behind the established major players. Riders who frequently tackle remote trails far from a dealer should factor in the possibility of longer repair delays if something breaks down. For those sticking closer to home, their local HiSun dealer should be able to service their ATV competently. But the ownership experience demands being a bit more self-reliant compared to a Honda or Yamaha.


Who Should Buy a HiSun ATV?

With their combination of performance, features and value pricing, HiSun ATVs will appeal most to these buyers:


Recreational Riders

For those who use an ATV primarily for fun and leisure, HiSun offers strong capabilities without the premium price. Models like the Tactic or Strike deliver plenty of speed, stability, and terrain-tackling prowess for the weekend warrior.


First-Time ATV Owners

Those new to ATVs will appreciate the lower upfront cost of a HiSun. You get modern technology and safety features without overspending on your first quad. HiSun’s 2WD models are a great way to learn the ropes.


Hunters and Farmers

Ranchers, hunters and farmers will find the utility-focused HiSun ATVs can handle tough chores and hauling tasks. The 4WD Forge series has excellent towing power for workers who need an affordable but hardworking ATV.


Sport Riders

While not as plush as a Can-Am or Polaris, HiSun’s high-performance sport quads like the 700 Strike EPS offer thrilling speed and handling for dune running and trail riding at a fraction of the cost.

In general, HiSun ATVs hit a sweet spot for any rider focused on value. You get impressive capabilities without having to pay premium prices. They may not have the prestige of major brands, but deliver where it counts most – on the trails and in your wallet.


Conclusion and Recommendations

After reviewing the key aspects of HiSun ATV models, it’s clear these Chinese-made quads offer a lot of capability and performance for the money. While HiSun doesn’t have the long legacy or dealer network of major brands, their ATVs rival or exceed the specs of comparably priced models from Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, and others.

Overall, HiSun ATVs present an excellent value for budget-minded riders who want serious off-road performance without the premium price tag. They offer abundant power, good reliability, and modern styling across the lineup. The company is rapidly expanding availability and support in North America as well.

For recreational riders who use their ATV primarily for weekend trail riding or around their property, HiSun models are definitely worth considering. The prices allow buyers to get more machine for less money compared to the competition.

However, for very frequent or commercial use, major OEM brands may still be the better choice. Their extensive dealer network provides peace of mind for repairs and maintenance. But for most Canadian ATV enthusiasts, HiSun offers a compelling blend of performance, features, and affordability.

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Hisun ATVs are known for being affordable yet very capable machines for Canadian terrain. They offer features like 4×4, locking differentials, ample ground clearance, and smooth suspension that allows them to handle mud, snow, hills, and trails well. Owners report Hisuns hold up nicely to rugged use without many issues. Maintenance is straightforward too. For the price, Hisuns deliver excellent quality and performance to take on Canadian rides.

The Hisun Strike 1000 is one of the best Hisun ATVs for Canadian riding. It has a powerful 105 HP 976cc V-twin engine, ultramatic transmission, locking front differential and 2500 lb towing capacity. This makes light work of muddy trails, hauling gear or pulling objects. The Strike 800 is another great choice with similar features but less power. The Tactics are more recreational but still very capable trail machines. The 500 and 700 Tactics have liquid-cooled engines, 4×4, storage and suspensions ideal for most Canadian conditions within a lighter chassis. The Youth Tactics are right-sized for younger riders too.

Hisun ATVs can handle Canadian winters nicely. They use high quality components that withstand freezing temperatures well. The liquid-cooled EFI engines reliably start and run in cold weather since the enclosed cooling system prevents icing issues. The chassis and drivetrains are protected from corrosion. Owners add windshields, handguards, grip heaters and/or track kits for colder riding and float through snow nicely. Proper seasonal maintenance like engine oil changes, antifreeze top-offs and winter tire swaps optimize winter performance. So with some preparation, Hisuns run reliably for winter trail riding, ice fishing trips, plowing and more.

Hisun uses proven single and twin-cylinder internal combustion engines known for good reliability and durability. The single cylinder engines in the 500-700cc recreational ATVs produce plenty of smooth power for trails while keeping costs down. The larger 800cc and 1000cc v-twin motors have torquey power better suited for utility work. All Hisun motors use quality components like forged pistons, precise transmission gearing and specially tuned EFI systems. They hold up well under stress while providing good fuel efficiency. Just follow the maintenance schedule for changes, adjustments, etc. and most Hisun motors run trouble-free for thousands of miles.

Hisun offers very impressive quality and performance rivaling leading brands for much lower cost. They use heavy-duty steel frames, precision CNC machining, weatherproof finishes and name brand components like CVTech clutches and Maxxis tires. This gives Hisuns capabilities approaching those of Polaris, Can-Am or Honda models for almost half the price or better. Owners switching from those pricier brands report Hisuns meet or even exceed expectations. Between optimal manufacturing quality control and designs optimized for North American riding, most agree Hisun ATVs punch well above their weight.

Pros: Very affordable pricing; Powerful and reliable engines; Smooth, adjustable suspensions; Extensive included features like 4WD, locking differentials and winches; Tough, corrosion-resistant construction; Wide range of recreational and utility models; Excellent owner satisfaction and value.

Cons: Limited dealer network; Resale values not as strong; Brand not as recognizable; Aftermarket accessories less available; No youth models below 400cc.

Hisun Motors USA provides excellent customer service from their Dallas headquarters and through authorized dealers. They have an informative website with model info, parts diagrams, warranty details, contact forms and more. Dealers offer test rides, purchasing, parts, service and support. Direct customer service assists with troubleshooting, repairs, warranties and feedback. Owners report very responsive, knowledgeable staff eager to help via phone and email. So both during and after sale, Canadian buyers can expect friendly, thorough assistance with their Hisuns.

New Hisun ATVs come with a 6 month factory warranty on the entire vehicle. This protects against defects in materials or workmanship of parts like engines, drivetrains, chassis, suspensions and electrical components. Only limitation is related to clutch shoes, tires and brake pads which wear from normal use. Just bring issues to a dealer during the warranty period and defective parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Extended coverage can be purchased as well. So Hisun warranties provide nice peace of mind that fresh machines will get fixed properly if problems emerge.

Hisun Motors factories are located in Taizhou, China and Chongqing, China which are major manufacturing hubs. They utilize state of the art production lines, advanced robotic automation, stringent quality control checkpoints and experienced staff. This allows efficient mass production while maintaining extremely high build standards. Every vehicle gets thoroughly tested before export as well. Once shipped, final assembly and pre-delivery inspections happen at the Hisun USA facilities. So buyers benefit from integrated Chinese infrastructure and expertise combined with domestic fine-tuning.

Many Hisun dealers allow test rides as that is the best way to experience performance and comfort. Call your nearest dealership to see if they offer test rides. Have your license ready and wear proper gear. Expect to sign waivers as you would with other test rides. Usually a salesperson will accompany you on a short, pre-determined route showcasing the machine’s capabilities. Take note of power delivery, handling, braking, suspensions and features while riding. This confirms if that ATV model suits your needs or if you should test something else. Test rides really aid buyers.

While Hisun dealerships can order OEM parts for service and repairs, the aftermarket accessory selection in Canada is still quite limited. Brands manufacturing custom tires, wheels, audio, lighting, cargo, protection and cosmetic accessories don’t have much yet fitting Hisuns. But since Hisuns share some components with other major manufacturers like CFMoto, some universal accessories work. And as Hisun popularity grows, aftermarket brands will expand support to satisfy demand. For now research well and confirm fitment when shopping accessories online or locally.

Check sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace for local used listings around Canadian provinces. Also visit powersport dealer sites which often list trade-ins. Expand searches further with online classifieds, auction sites or OEM certified pre-owned inventories. When examining used Hisuns, check service records, inspect components, test functionality and evaluate cosmetics. Ensure registration is current and verify ownership before purchasing privately. Apply due diligence to score an excellent value on pre-owned while avoiding problems hiding behind low asking prices.

Hisun builds recreational, sport and utility model ATVs suitable for trail riding, mudding, dunes, farming, hunting, adventures and more. The Tactics and other “sport-rec” models cater towards casual fun on backroads and paths. The Strike series leans towards aggressive trail thrashing and exploring rougher terrain. The beefy HS and FORGE lines suit heavy utility work like hauling, plowing and towing. And specialty machines like the electric HS200E fill niche needs. Evaluate engine power, cargo abilities, 4×4 system, accessories, etc to match intended riding purposes before choosing the optimal Hisun.

Hisuns range 400-1000 lbs depending on the model. While the lighter recreational ATVs are reasonably manageable, larger utility models take more effort. Loading ramps are essential along with an able-bodied helper. Ensure load capacity of transporting vehicles can handle the weight securely. Hisuns have solid tie-down points to strap them tightly. Lifting these machines alone is challenging so use proper body mechanics, bend the knees, grip firmly and go slowly to avoid injury. Some owners install winches to simplify loading/unloading. Budgeting for powered ramps or trailers is worthwhile for those moving ATVs regularly.

Yes, Hisun ATVs can be insured by Canadian providers like Intact, Belairdirect, TD Insurance and more. Specify details like vehicle make/model, year, value and intended usage when getting quotes. Carry at minimum liability coverage protecting from bodily injury or property damage claims. Comprehensive plans add protections for fire, vandalism, weather plus replacement coverage for theft incidents. Review policy specifics like storage criteria, riding limitations and safety equipment rules. Confirm any waiver needs for modifying the ATVs too. Following insurance requirements keeps Hisun owners covered during accidents.

Hisun ATVs offer exceptional value compared to other major sport and utility quad brands sold in Canada. While pricing fluctuates somewhat pending exact model, features and promotions, most Hisun ATVs run $6,000 to $12,000 CAD brand new from dealers. For example, the 2023 Strike 1000 lists around $10,500, the Tactic 700 EPS shows near $8,800 and the HS400UTV sells close to $6,300. Very affordable given their performance capacities versus the $15k+ averages of comparable Can-Am, Polaris or Honda ATVs built in North America.

Like other ATVs, Hisuns need periodic maintenance for optimal performance and longevity per the schedules in their owners manuals. Expect tasks like:


– Oil changes & filter cleanings

– Air filter cleanings & spark plug replacements

– Coolant flushes

– Gear oil top-offs

– Chain lubrication & tension adjustments

– Suspension bolt torquing & shock rebuilds

– General cable, linkage and component inspections

– Brake pad swaps

– Battery load testing & recharges

– Drive belt replacements

– Valve adjustments


Complete maintenance promptly and inspect everything thoroughly. This keeps Hisuns running cleanly for years of reliable service. Dealers can assist with bigger repairs.

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