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Are KYMCO ATVs Good?


KYMCO is a Taiwanese company that has been manufacturing motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs for over 50 years. They entered the North American ATV market in 2000 and have steadily grown in popularity for their combination of quality, reliability, and value.

KYMCO produces a wide range of ATV models, from youth quads to high-performance sport ATVs. Their lineup includes:


  • Entry-level quads like the Mongoose 70S, 90S, 270, and 270 Euro
  • Recreational ATVs such as the MXU 150X, MXU 270i, MXU 300, MXU 450i, and MXU 550i
  • Utility ATVs including the UXV 500i and UXV 700i
  • High-performance sport models like the MXU 700i


KYMCO entered the utility side-by-side market in 2015 with the introduction of the UXV 500i. They have continued expanding their UTV offerings as well.

With over 5 decades of manufacturing experience and ISO 9001 certification, KYMCO has built a reputation for reliable, well-designed ATVs at a more budget-friendly price point than brands like Polaris, Can-Am, Honda, and Yamaha.

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KYMCO offers ATVs spanning four main categories – entry-level, recreational, utility, and sport. This gives buyers options for light-duty beginner quads all the way up to high-performance sport ATVs.



The entry-level lineup includes the Mongoose 70S, 90S, 270, and 270 Euro. These are great starter quads for younger riders or those new to ATVs. They have automatic transmissions and range from 70cc to 270cc engines. The Mongoose quads are affordable but still offer features like front and rear racks, a tow hitch, and disc brakes.



For intermediate riders looking for recreational trail riding, KYMCO offers models like the MXU 150X, MXU 270i, MXU 300, MXU 450i, and MXU 550i. These quads have more power with engine sizes from 150cc up to 550cc. They come in 2WD or 4WD drivetrains and have independent suspension for better handling. The recreational models strike a good balance of price, performance, and comfort.



KYMCO has two utility ATVs built for tough jobs – the UXV 500i and UXV 700i. They have 500cc and 700cc single-cylinder engines paired to automatic CVT transmissions. With features like winches, heavy-duty racks and towing capacity up to 1500 pounds, they are ideal quads for the farm, hunting, or industrial use.



For aggressive trail riding and high speeds, KYMCO’s sport offering is the MXU 700i. It boasts a fuel-injected 695cc twin-cylinder engine putting out 50 horsepower, paired to a manual clutch transmission. This ATV competes with sport models from other brands thanks to features like 4-wheel disc brakes, piggyback shocks, and aluminum wheels.


Key Features of KYMCO ATVs

KYMCO packs their ATVs with features that make them appealing options for recreational riders and utility use. Here are some of the notable features found across their lineup:


Fuel-Efficient Engines

The engines used in KYMCO ATVs and UTVs are designed with fuel economy in mind. This helps save money at the gas pumps without sacrificing performance. They use proven single and twin-cylinder engine designs that provide ample power while sipping gas. For example, the 2022 MXU 700i is rated for up to 44 mpg, which is very good for a sporty 700cc ATV.


Smooth Automatic CVT Transmissions

KYMCO uses belt-driven automatic CVT transmissions on all of their models rather than traditional manual gearboxes. This makes operation much simpler for new riders. The CVTs deliver smooth, seamless shifting and consistent power delivery. Owners praise the reliability of the transmissions as well.


Independent Suspension

Most KYMCO ATVs feature independent suspension front and rear. This allows each wheel to move independently for a smoother ride over rough terrain. Models like the MXU 700i use high-end components like double A-arms and piggyback shocks for sporty handling. The independent suspension provides stability, traction, and control.


Strong Brakes

KYMCO equips their ATVs with hydraulic disc brakes at both ends for strong, consistent stopping power. Many competitors still rely on cheaper drum brakes, especially on the rear. Large discs and calipers give the rider great control when slowing down. This adds safety and confidence on the trails.


Accessories Available

To customize their ATV for their needs, owners can choose from a wide selection of KYMCO accessories. This includes cargo racks, windshields, bumpers, winches, plows, lights, and more. Dealers can outfit the ATV for recreation, hunting, farming, or utility work. There are accessories to enhance comfort, protection, and capability.



One of the biggest selling points for KYMCO ATVs is their value. When you compare the pricing of KYMCO models to other major ATV brands like Polaris, Can-Am, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Arctic Cat, KYMCO consistently comes in lower across comparable engine sizes and features.

For example, the KYMCO MXU 450i has an MSRP of $5,499. Looking at other 450-500cc sport ATVs, the Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O. is $6,199, the Can-Am Outlander 450 is $6,599, and the Honda Rancher 4×4 is $5,999. So the KYMCO is $500-1,000 less expensive than the competition.

In the utility ATV segment, the KYMCO UXV 500i starts at $7,999. The Polaris Sportsman 570 is $8,299 and the Can-Am Defender HD5 is $10,199. Again, KYMCO offers strong value with pricing well below the biggest brands.

Even compared to other value-oriented brands, KYMCO tends to be very competitively priced. For example, the Massimo Warrior 500 goes for $5,495, which is right in line with the KYMCO MXU 450i. The Bennche Bighorn 500 is $5,688, also very close to the KYMCO.

So whether you’re looking at a $3,000 entry-level ATV like the Mongoose 270 or a $10,000 side-by-side like the UXV 700i, KYMCO models are typically $500-$2,000 less expensive than the equivalent Polaris, Can-Am, Yamaha, etc. That adds up to big savings for budget-minded buyers who still want quality and performance.


Quality and Reliability

The Taiwanese company has built a reputation for reliable, durable machines. They use proven engine and transmission designs that stand the test of time. KYMCO ATVs are designed to handle constant use in rough conditions. The high quality components and construction allow them to keep running strong for many years.

Owners consistently report getting thousands of trouble-free miles from their KYMCO ATVs. Even with heavy recreational use or farm/ranch work, the quads continue operating with minimal maintenance. Issues like oil leaks, mechanical breakdowns, and electrical problems are much rarer than with some cheaper brands. The durability and longevity make up for the lower initial cost.

One of the reasons KYMCO ATVs are so reliable is that they avoid pushing components to their limit. The engines produce ample power but aren’t tuned aggressively for maximum output. This leaves a safety margin that reduces stress and wear. The transmissions, bearings, suspension, and other systems are similarly designed for strength rather than peak performance.

KYMCO also uses proven component designs that have been refined over many years. Their engines and transmissions incorporate technology from their motorcycle division. These components have been optimized through decades of real-world use. KYMCO doesn’t take risks by using untested new designs or exotic materials that could compromise longevity.

Overall, owners say reliability is on par or better than more expensive ATV brands. KYMCO has built its reputation through delivering consistent quality to buyers around the world. The durability and lack of issues make these ATVs a smart long-term investment.



When evaluating ATV performance, two key factors are power and speed capabilities. KYMCO’s ATV engines range from 49cc on youth models up to 700cc on sport ATVs. This covers a wide spectrum for recreational trail riding to more aggressive sport riding.

For entry-level riders, the smaller 49-90cc engines on the Mongoose 70S, 90S and MXU 90 provide adequate power for young riders learning. Max speeds are limited to 10-25 mph. Stepping up, the 238cc engine on the MXU 150X can reach around 40 mph. The 271cc and 300cc engines on models like the Mongoose 270, MXU 270i, and MXU 300 produce about 30 horsepower and can hit 50 mph on flat ground.

In the mid-size 400-550cc range, ATVs like the MXU 450i and MXU 550i output 35-40 horsepower. This allows speeds of 60+ mph when needed while still being easy to control. KYMCO’s largest 700cc single cylinder engine in the MXU 700i and sport-oriented MXU 700i SE produces about 46 horsepower. It provides exhilarating acceleration and a top speed around 70 mph.

So while not matching the power of high-end sport ATVs, KYMCO’s recreational and utility models have enough speed and acceleration for enjoyable trail riding. The independent suspension provides stability when riding at speed over rough terrain. Test drivers praise the smooth delivery of power.


Parts and Service Availability

One concern buyers may have with less mainstream ATV brands like KYMCO is finding dealers for sales, service, and parts. Fortunately, KYMCO has established a wide network of authorized dealers across North America.

As of 2022, there are over 350 KYMCO dealers in North America. Most states have multiple options to choose from. The dealer locator on KYMCO’s website makes it easy to find the nearest ones to your location.

These official dealers are fully equipped to handle new and used sales, financing, test rides, repairs, maintenance, accessories, and stock genuine OEM parts for KYMCO models. Having access to certified technicians and genuine parts is important for keeping an ATV running optimally.

KYMCO offers a 6-month limited warranty on new ATVs. The nationwide dealer network provides support to handle any issues that may arise during that coverage period. Extended protection plans are also available.

Online parts retailers like Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Partzilla, and Cheap Cycle Parts can fill in any gaps if a local dealer doesn’t have a particular part in stock. But for major service, it’s best to visit an authorized KYMCO repair shop.

The widespread dealer network across the U.S. and Canada ensures most KYMCO owners will have access to professional maintenance and repairs within a reasonable distance. This makes owning a less common brand much more convenient.


What Owners Are Saying

Overall, KYMCO owners seem quite pleased with their purchase decisions. The brand has built a reputation for delivering impressive value and reliability. Here’s what owners have to say across ATV forums and review sites:


Reliability Lives Up to Expectations

Many owners comment on how reliable their KYMCO ATVs have been, even under tough conditions. They report going thousands of miles with minimal maintenance needed. Engines and transmissions hold up well over time. One owner said “I beat the crap out of my KYMCO nearly every day and it just keeps going.”


Smooth and Comfortable Ride Quality

The independent suspension on most models provides a plush ride on rough trails. Owners say the suspension soaks up bumps and ruts with ease. The adjustable shocks allow tuning the ride stiffness as needed. Comfort was a common praise from owners.


Good Performance for Recreational Use

Owners seeking high-adrenaline sport performance may be disappointed, but those using KYMCO ATVs recreationally find the power very capable. The engines deliver brisk acceleration and ample speed for trail riding and exploring. One owner said “It has all the power I need for cruising the dunes and trails.”


Excellent Value and Affordability

Given the pricing, most KYMCO owners feel they got an amazing value. The quality rivals more expensive ATVs from other brands. Many owners mentioned they were able to purchase loaded models with premium features for thousands less than the competition. That provided great bang for the buck.

Overall, owner sentiment toward KYMCO ATVs is very positive. They offer excellent recreational performance, comfort, and reliability at very affordable pricing. Many owners are repeat customers due to great experiences.


Comparison to Other Popular ATV Brands

When considering whether KYMCO ATVs are good options, it’s helpful to compare them directly against some of the biggest competitors in the industry like Polaris, Can-Am, Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki.

Here’s an overview of how KYMCO models stack up against the major brands:



Polaris is known for making premium, high-performance sport ATVs. In terms of speed, power and capabilities, Polaris models surpass KYMCO’s lineup. However, you’ll pay a premium for Polaris quality. Most models cost $2,000-$8,000+ more than comparable KYMCOs. While Polaris ATVs are excellent for extreme trail riding and racing, most recreational riders don’t necessarily need that level of power and speed which makes KYMCO a more practical choice.



Like Polaris, Can-Am focuses on sporty, high-output ATVs so their machines outperform KYMCOs in areas like acceleration, suspension travel, etc. You’ll spend a lot more to buy a Can-Am though. BRP (who makes Can-Am models) does have a reputation for reliability and quality components which is comparable to KYMCO’s Taiwanese craftsmanship. For casual trail use, KYMCO provides plenty of capability at a more budget-friendly price point.



Yamaha covers the full spectrum from entry-level to high-performance sport ATVs. Their mid-range recreational models like the Grizzly and Kodiak are most comparable to KYMCO’s lineup. Here, the machines are fairly evenly matched in terms of pricing, power, comfort and capabilities. Yamaha edges out KYMCO slightly when it comes to reliability ratings and resale value. However, for a new purchase, KYMCO provides a very similar experience to a Yamaha for less money.



Honda is renowned for the quality and reliability of their powersports vehicles. The fit and finish of their ATVs is noticeably higher than KYMCO’s. Engines like the Rancher 420 are buttery smooth and finely tuned. However, you’ll pay a premium for that refinement. Most comparable Honda models cost $500-$2,000 more than the KYMCO equivalent. Performance and capabilities are fairly on par otherwise.



Like Yamaha, Suzuki has ATV models spanning from beginner to expert levels. Their mid-sized Ozark and KingQuad lines match up closely with KYMCO’s recreational offerings. Suzuki ATVs do have an edge when it comes to reliability and quality reputation. But for casual riding, the more affordable KYMCO models offer a similar experience for less money upfront.

In summary, while brands like Polaris, Can-Am, Honda and Yamaha make excellent ATVs, you’ll pay a premium for their name and reputation. KYMCO offers 80-90% of their capability and quality for significantly less money. So if you’re on a budget but still want a solid, reliable ATV, KYMCO models are definitely worth considering.


Best KYMCO ATV Models

When looking at the best recreational and utility KYMCO ATVs, two models stand out:


MXU 700i

The MXU 700i is one of KYMCO’s most powerful sport ATVs. It has a 686cc single-cylinder fuel-injected engine putting out 46 horsepower. This gives it excellent acceleration and a top speed around 70 mph. The MXU 700i comes standard with 4-wheel disc brakes, aluminum wheels, and fully adjustable suspension front and rear. It handles very well on trails and is stable at higher speeds thanks to the independent suspension. The snappy throttle response makes it fun for recreational trail riding. It also has features like electric start and a digital gauge display.


UXV 500i

For a top-rated utility ATV, the KYMCO UXV 500i is a great choice. It uses a 493cc twin-cylinder engine with fuel injection, putting out about 30 horsepower. This rugged side-by-side can carry over 1000 pounds in its rear cargo box. It has selectable 2WD and 4WD modes, so you can operate in 2WD on flat terrain to save fuel, then switch to 4WD when needed. The UXV 500i has a towing capacity over 1500 pounds. It comes standard with a winch and alloy wheels. The independent suspension provides a smooth ride even when fully loaded or towing. Overall, the UXV 500i combines serious utility capabilities with the reliability KYMCO is known for.


Downsides of KYMCO ATVs

While KYMCO ATVs offer excellent value and reliability, there are some potential drawbacks to be aware of:


Less Name Recognition: KYMCO is still building brand awareness in North America compared to established players like Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, etc. This can affect resale value.

No High-Performance Models: KYMCO focuses on recreational, utility, and entry-level ATVs. They don’t currently offer high-end sport quads comparable to something like the Yamaha YFZ450R.

No Youth ATVs: There are no KYMCO models designed specifically for young riders under age 16. Other brands like Polaris and Honda have youth-sized ATVs.

Parts Availability: While improving, the dealer network and parts distribution is not on the level of Japanese and North American ATV brands. Some less common parts may take longer to source.

No Side-by-Side UTVs: KYMCO’s lineup is focused exclusively on sit-astride ATV models. Brands like Can-Am, Polaris, Honda, etc. also offer side-by-side recreational UTVs.


For most recreational and utility purposes, these limitations aren’t dealbreakers. But buyers should be aware that KYMCO isn’t on the cutting edge for high-performance sport quads or youth models. The tradeoff is worthwhile for many ATV owners who prioritize value and reliability. But expectations should be set accordingly.


Buying a Used KYMCO ATV

If you want to save some money, buying a used KYMCO ATV can be a smart move. However, there are some important things to keep in mind when shopping for a pre-owned ATV:


Tips for Buying Used

When considering a used KYMCO ATV, be sure to:


  • Get a vehicle history report to check for any previous damage or accidents
  • Thoroughly inspect the frame, suspension, engine, and other components for wear and damage
  • Take it for a test drive to check performance and handling
  • Have a mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection if possible
  • Check service records to ensure proper maintenance
  • Research fair market value to avoid overpaying
  • Get all paperwork for registration transfer


What to Look For

When inspecting a used KYMCO ATV, look for:


  • Cracks, dents, rust on the frame
  • Leaks, cracks, discoloration in engine and drivetrain
  • Worn, loose, or damaged suspension parts
  • Damage to wheels, tires, body plastics
  • Proper fluid levels – engine oil, coolant, transmission oil
  • Smooth shifting and throttle response
  • Brakes that stop evenly without pulling
  • Registration and title in proper order


Taking the time to properly evaluate a used KYMCO ATV will help avoid getting stuck with a lemon. Focus on condition and service records more than model year or hours when shopping pre-owned.



KYMCO offers a wide range of accessories to customize and enhance their ATVs for owners’ specific needs. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular accessories available:


Protection and Safety Accessories

ATVs are designed for off-road use, so adding protection accessories helps keep the machine and rider safe from scrapes, debris and impacts. Popular options include:


  • Skid plates to shield the underside from rocks and obstacles
  • Brush guards and bumpers provide an extra buffer zone around the front
  • Windshields and roofs offer protection from sun, wind, rain, and branches
  • Grip covers, nerf bars, and heel guards help you maintain your footing


Performance Upgrades


While KYMCO ATVs offer great performance out of the box, you can boost speed, handling, and capability with aftermarket upgrades like:


  • Exhaust systems increase horsepower and improve throttle response
  • Suspension lifts raise ground clearance for rougher terrain
  • Tires suited for mud, snow, sand, etc. enhance traction
  • Engine tuners and programmers adjust power delivery
  • Sway bars and shocks for sportier handling


Convenience and Utility


It’s easy to outfit your KYMCO for specialized jobs or greater comfort during long days on the trails:


  • Storage racks, bags, and boxes expand cargo capacity
  • Hitches allow towing carts, plows, spreaders, etc.
  • Winches help extract the ATV from tricky situations
  • Auxiliary lighting improves visibility at night
  • Electric outlets power phones, GPS, heat, etc.


With KYMCO’s huge catalog of accessories, you can really customize your ATV to suit any needs.



In summary, KYMCO ATVs represent an excellent value for budget-minded buyers. While they may lack some of the power and prestige of premium brands, their combination of affordability, quality, reliability, and performance makes them a smart choice for many riders.

Owners praise the smooth ride, easy handling, and capable engines across the KYMCO lineup. Real-world reliability lives up to the company’s reputation. Parts and service access through their North American dealer network removes a common ownership hassle.

For recreational trail riding or utility use, KYMCO models like the Mongoose, MXU, and UXV series deliver everything most ATV owners need. The money saved upfront and ongoing can be put towards accessories or riding expenses.

While resale values don’t match Polaris and others, you aren’t paying as much to start with. Overall ownership costs end up being very reasonable. As KYMCO continues expanding in North America, their ATVs keep gaining popularity due to their unmatched value.

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KYMCO ATVs are gaining popularity in Canada due to their combination of quality, features, and affordability. KYMCO is the largest manufacturer of scooters and ATVs in Taiwan and has a reputation for building well-made, reliable machines. Their ATV lineup includes sport and utility models ranging from 90cc to 700cc. While not yet as ubiquitous as brands like Honda or Yamaha, KYMCO Canada reports strong sales growth as more riders discover the value proposition of their quads. Dealers across the country now carry KYMCO ATVs.

The following KYMCO ATV models are currently available from dealers in Canada:


– Mongoose 70S

– Mongoose 90S

– Mongoose 270

– Mongoose 270 Euro

– MXU 150 X

– MXU 270i

– MXU 300i

– MXU 400i

– MXU 450i

– MXU 500i

– MXU 550i

– MXU 700i


The Mongoose line features entry-level and youth quads in the 70cc to 270cc range. The MXU series comprises sport and utility models ranging from 149cc up to 695cc. Available in 2WD or 4WD drivetrains with manual or automatic transmission options.

KYMCO operates several manufacturing plants in Asia to produce their scooters, motorcycles, ATVs and side-by-side UTVs. This includes ATV assembly facilities in Taiwan and China. By leveraging extensive manufacturing infrastructure in Asia, KYMCO is able to build quality vehicles at competitive price points for export around the world, including Canada.

Independent reviews consistently rate KYMCO ATVs highly for their build quality, reliability and value. KYMCO quads employ proven engine and drivetrain technology and are built to comply with rigorous safety and emissions certifications across North America and Europe. Fit and finish is very good with high quality plastics, metalwork and components used throughout. While not yet enjoying the premium brand cachet of market leaders, KYMCO ATVs offer compelling performance and features for the price.

New KYMCO ATVs sold by authorized Canadian dealers come standard with a manufacturer’s warranty providing coverage for 2 years with unlimited kilometres. The warranty protects against defects in materials or workmanship and includes 24/7 roadside assistance across Canada. KYMCO dealers also back their quads with parts and service support, so owners have peace of mind that their new KYMCO ATV is covered under warranty.

One reason for KYMCO’s rising popularity is the value pricing of their quads compared to models from established Japanese brands. While not the absolute rock-bottom cheapest ATVs you can buy, KYMCO offers strong capability and features for often hundreds less than comparative models from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki or Kawasaki. Canadian MSRPs typically undercut the Japanese competition by $500 to $1,500 depending on the model and specs. So buyers get more quad for their dollar with KYMCO.

KYMCO employs single-cylinder four-stroke engines across their ATV range:


– 70cc to 90cc air-cooled engines in their youth quads

– 149cc to 270cc air/oil-cooled engines in entry level utility models

– 271cc to 395cc liquid-cooled powerplants in mid-sized utility and sport models

– 395cc to 695cc liquid-cooled engines in their max torque sport models


This provides a progression of engine sizes and cooling systems matched to the intended usage – from farm work to dune running. All meet current North American emissions standards. Fuel injection is now utilized on some models for optimal performance.

Yes, KYMCO gives buyers a choice of 2WD or 4WD drivetrains depending on the model:


– Entry level Mongoose 70cc and 90cc models are 2WD only

– Mongoose 270 utility quad comes in 2WD or 4WD options

– Most MXU series sport models offer a choice of 2WD or 4WD configurations

– Some top end models like the MXU 700i are full time 4WD only


So whether you prioritize affordability and light weight or maximum traction and capability, KYMCO has 2WD or 4WD quads to match your needs and budget.

In addition to proven engine performance and rugged build quality, KYMCO designs their quads to come well equipped with rider-focused features at the respective price points. This includes:


– Plush rider seating for comfort across rough terrain

– Responsive power steering on some 2WD models, standard on 4WDs

– Hydraulic disk brakes for strong stopping power

– Twin headlights plus LED tail lights for night time visibility

– Steel front/rear racks with tie downs to carry loads

– Full instrumentation including speedo, odo, trip meter, fuel gauge

– 12V power outlet to charge devices on the go


Higher end sport models add even more performance, convenience and styling features. Overall, KYMCO ATVs package great functionality and usability.

KYMCO’s sport-focused MXU lineup of quads boast lively acceleration and high top speeds to attack trails:


MXU 150 X: 48 mph (77 km/h) top speed

MXU 300i: 56 mph (90 km/h)

MXU 400i: 63 mph (102 km/h)

MXU 700i: 75 mph (120 km/h)


So while they prioritize stability and control, the strongest performing MXU models from 400cc and up can hit freeway speeds to outpace most competitors. Enough muscle for aggressive recreational riders.

While the MXU sport quads cater more for recreation, KYMCO’s utility focused Mongoose ATVs are well suited to farming, ranching and worksite applications:


– Compact size for maneuvering in tight spaces

– Towing capacity up to 1100 lbs

– Front and rear steel cargo racks

– Big ground clearance to clear obstacles

– Accessory ports and racks to add winches, etc.


With 2WD or 4WD traction and sizes spanning 90cc to 270cc, Mongoose quads like the 270 can take abuse across muddy pastures or worksites all day long.

KYMCO Canada offers an extensive catalogue of OEM accessories to customize their ATVs including:


– Windshields

– Brush guards

– Front/rear bumpers

– Nerf bars

– Lift kits

– Cargo boxes

– Winches

– Plow blades

– Tire chains

– Heated grips

– Hitch receivers, etc.


So owners can outfit their KYMCO quad for specialized tasks or trips. Popular accessories like winches and plows turn the ATV into a true workhorse.

While OEM parts availability from KYMCO Canada is excellent, the worldwide popularity of KYMCO ATVs means lots of aftermarket parts and upgrades are offered by third party brands:


– Exhaust slip-ons from Yoshimura, MotoXindustries, etc.

– Intake kits, programmers, etc. from DynoJet

– Suspension components from High Lifter, ITP, Maier, etc.

– Aluminum skid plates from Acerbis, Ricochet, etc.

– Wheels, tires and rims from ITP, Sedona, QuadBoss

– Lighting kits from Baja Designs, KC HiLiites, etc.


So owners have options to service, repair or customize their KYMCO ATV from OEM or reputable aftermarket suppliers.

KYMCO engineers their ATVs for simplified home maintenance and serviceability much like Japanese brands:


– Easy access air filters, dipsticks, drain bolts, etc.

– Common 10mm / 12 mm bolts throughout

– Color-coded wiring with accessible fuses/relays

– Extensive dealer service network for support

– Widespread parts availability online and locally


So basic maintenance like oil changes, brake pads, filters, belts, spark plugs, etc can easily be done at home. While major repairs would still visit a dealer shop, overall KYMCO ATVs prove very accessible to work on.

Available in Canada for over 15 years now, KYMCO quads have established a reputation as solid, dependable machines despite being a lesser known Asian brand compared to Japanese competitors. They employ proven engine and drivetrain designs paired with good quality components that hold up well to abusive riding and conditions. Just as their scooters are hailed for durability with examples exceeding 100,000 kms, most KYMCO ATV owners report years of reliable service when properly maintained.

While Chinese ATVs can sometimes undercut even KYMCO’s value prices, buyers should carefully compare components, features, reliability and dealer support. Cheaper Chinese quads often cut corners with less durable parts that fail quicker. And lack of warranty support leaves owners footing the repair bills themselves. KYMCO balances affordability with quality and after-sales support missing from most Chinese imports. Spending a few hundred dollars more upfront on a KYMCO ATV over Chinese brands often pays off exponentially in long term ownership.

All KYMCO ATVs imported into Canada by KYMCO Canada meet Transport Canada’s national safety mark (NSM) requirements. This rigorous testing validates:


– Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS)

– Canadian emissions standards

– Industry Canada technical standards


So owners can be assured KYMCO quads comply with all federal regulations, unlike grey market imports. KYMCO ATVs also meet EPA and CARB emission rules in the United States. And KYMCO tests their quads to voluntary ISO quality control standards for maximum quality assurance.

While lesser known as a brand than Japanese competitors, major insurance providers in Canada like Intact, Belairdirect, TD Insurance and others all recognize KYMCO and offer ATV insurance policies. Providing details like the VIN number and ownership documentation, owners can obtain liability coverage, collision/comprehensive policies, rideshare coverage and more. Rates compare very reasonably to other major ATV brands. Just ensure your provider is familiar with the KYMCO name when requesting quotes.

With compact sizes plus automatic CVT transmissions to reduce stalling, KYMCO’s entry level 70cc and 90cc Mongoose quads are ideal for first-time young riders. Safety features like speed limiters, security keys and half doors add peace of mind letting kids develop riding skills. Moving up, KYMCO’s 2WD utility models like the Mongoose 270 or sportier MXU 150 X offer great starter machines for older kids and beginner adults learning to ride while still capable enough for experienced riders. Easily upgraded with larger tires, etc. later on. Overall KYMCO offers a nice progression of quads for newbies.

Engineered with aggressive trail riding in mind, KYMCO’s 4WD MXU series ATVs readily tackle Canadian landscapes:


– Up to 11 inches of suspension travel to absorb big hits

– Strong acceleration and power to climb steep hills

– Low range gearing with diff lock for technical sections

– 25 inch Carlisle or ITP tires for traction in mud/dirt/snow

– Generous underbody clearance above rocks or logs

– Stout cargo racks to pack camping gear for long trips


While perhaps less familiar as a brand in western Canada, experienced riders praise KYMCO’s off-road competence to run with any terrain and conditions thanks to robust construction.

A key factor that sets KYMCO apart from other value brands is their industry-leading 2 year unlimited mileage warranty. This doubles coverage offered on some cheaper Chinese ATVs. While matching the length provided by Japanese makes, KYMCO does them one better by not limiting miles/kms. So Canadian buyers have peace of mind that potential issues from defects will be covered under warranty for years of average use, not just a few months. Demonstrating KYMCO’s faith in their quality. Add in 5 years on frame/engine warranties too.

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