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RV Financing & good or bad credit RV Loans with Powersportfinancing.ca

Powersport Financing is the preferred option for RV financing and good or bad credit RV loans because of our smooth application process and knowledgeable financing experts. We provide competitive rates and adaptable repayment terms, ensuring that owning an RV is within reach. 

Our dedication to customer satisfaction means you’ll receive individualized care and responsive assistance. With our deep understanding of the industry, we offer valuable advice on choosing the perfect RV. Select Powersport Financing for a customized and stress-free RV financing journey.

RV Financing & good or bad credit RV Loans with Powersportfinancing.ca

How Does RV Financing Work?

Get approved for a good or bad credit RV loan from your phone

1. Get Approved

Take our 60 second quiz to get approved

2. Select RV

Buy privately or from a dealer. Choice is yours!

3. Enjoy Your RV

Enjoy the adventures that your new RV will bring you!

Estimate Your RV Loan Payments

Get a payment quote so you know if it fits your budget before you start shopping

Apply From Anywhere

Apply from the comfort of your home

Fast Approval Process

Our RV Loan quiz can be completed in 60 seconds or less

Trusted by Thousands

Thousands of Canadians have used us for their RV financing needs

Safe & Secure Application

Privacy is our #1 concern. Your safe with us!

Good or Bad Credit RV Loans

We have a vast team of experienced RV advisors whose only job is to get you approved and help guide you through the buying process

Questions About RV Financing?

At Powersport Financing, depending on the time of day you submit your application, we aim to provide approvals in as little as one hour, although we cannot guarantee specific timeframes.

While payments are influenced by various factors, to obtain an estimation of your payment, we recommend utilizing our RV financing calculator for a more accurate understanding.

Yes we do! At Powersport Financing we offer good and bad credit RV loans.